Communities and Hotels

People in a county community usually share common beliefs, culture and resources. County communities are vibrant and have a lot of activities going on at any given time. They are also home to many businesses including different types of hotels. But what are the benefits of having hotels in bexleyheath or any other county community?

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Source of employment 

Hotels are a great source of employment for the local community. All hotels require different professionals to cater for the day to day activities including chefs, service staff, maintenance staff, marketing and sales personnel, the human resource professionals, front office staff, housekeeping and so on.


Hotels usually have a variety of activities that people can of all sages and backgrounds can engage in. The county community can therefore attend different activities for entertainment purposes. These may include music concerts, swimming events and competitions, screening of movies and so on.

Events venue

County communities could use hotels for different events. Weddings, graduation parties, educational events and any other type of event could be hosted in the hotels since they have the grounds or rooms to accommodate large groups of people as well as the staff members to efficiently serve all the guests.


Hotels have both accommodation and conferencing facilities that could be used by local people as well as visitors. When a hotel builds up its reputation as a great facility either for accommodation or conferencing, it attracts international travellers who then promote the reputation of the county as a destination. Such travellers promote local businesses which ultimately improves the standards of living for the local community. They also provide an opportunity for the local community to share its culture and heritage with the rest of the world.

Major tax payers

Hotels, just like any other business, pay taxes. The larger and more efficient the hotel, the more likely it is to have higher income and therefore higher taxes. The money from taxes can be used to enhance the infrastructure in the county as well as the region. These improvements enhance the life of the local community and ultimately lead to higher standards of living for the community.

The hotels in bexleyheath not only provide various employment opportunities to the citizens but they also have other high impact effects in the community. They are therefore a valuable addition to the economy irrespective of their categorisation or ranking globally. The community should therefore encourage the development of more hotels over time.